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Welcome to Southern Comfort. This site is dedicated to those beautiful southern places you visited and those wonderful arts and crafts you wish you had bought when you were there.

We've been there and done that...so we went back and spoke with the arts and crafts people from the South's most popular destinations. We have arranged with them to provide y'all with a second chance. So enter this site with caution, because you won't be able to resist the temptation to bring home those wonderful reminders you wish you had.

We are constantly travelling throughout the South looking for new artists and crafts people to add to our site. If you know someone that should be on our site, let us know by email.

Put us on your "Favorites" list so you can check back and see the new artisans we meet and add to our site. Our address is "www.VisitSouthernComfort.com".

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A short history of visitsoutherncomfort.com...for those that are interested.

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email: info@visitsoutherncomfort.com