padGourd Art by John Gibson

A gallery of gourd art by John Gibson

John Gibson creates these gourds using various styles, techniques and all natural materials, blending the past and present with a touch of art. All designs are etched into the gourd and color is obtained using leather dyes. Each gourd is balanced and original designs are incorporated to produce one-of-a-kind work representing classic Native American designs of the plains and southwest areas. With reasonable care, these gourds can last a lifetime.

Although John lives in the southeast, his gourds are well known and proudly displayed in a number of galleries in the southwest, including Santa Fe and Taos.

The gourds range in size from the width of a volleyball to a basketball and are 10 to 14 tall. The colors used are predominantly brown, beige, chocolate, turquoise, and maroon. Each gourd is personally signed and dated by John.

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Buffalo seen abovepad
Item # SHCG-01-01$325.00
A Selection of Gourdspad
Top Row: left to right
Hopi Bear
Item # SHCG-01-02$300.00

Kokopelli (Hopi flute player)
Item # SHCG-01-03$225.00

Medicine Wheel (with porcupine quills)
Item # SHCG-01-04$265.00

Middle Row: left to right

Sun Face Kachina (Hopi)...Item # SHCG-01-05$300.00

Salamander...Item # SHCG-01-06$300.00

Dream Catcher (with eagle feather design)...Item # SHCG-01-07$335.00

V-neck...Item # SHCG-01-08$335.00

Bottom Row: left to right
Two Feathers (two examples)...Item # SHCG-01-09$200.00

Far right custom gourd not available for reproduction

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