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About Us
Antique Jewelry
Asheville, NC
Baskets: Decorative Baskets from South Carolina
Baskets: Sweet Grass Baskets
Brooms by Peter Werner
Candles: Victorian Candles by Susan Bradley
Charleston, SC
City Maps&Links
Collectibles: Shelia's American Patriotic
Collectibles: Shelia's Bookshelf Homes of Charleston
Collectibles: Shelia's Bookshelf Homes of New Orleans & American Patriotica
Collectibles: Shelia's Bookshelf Homes of Savannah and Lighthouses
Dolls: Corn Shuck Dolls by Anne Freels
Dulcimers & Psalteries Handcrafted by Jack Jones
Exceptional Crafts
Fabric Art: David Appalachian Crafts
Flagler Beach, FL
Furniture: Adirondack Chairs
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Glass Art by Herman Leonhardt
Glass: Hand Painted Glassware
Glass: Stained Glass by Helene Michaels
Gourd Art by Cara Hollingsworth
Gourd Art by John Gibson
Jewelry: Antique & Estate Earrings
Jewelry: Antique and Estate Bracelets
Jewelry: Antique and Estate Rings
Jewelry: The Cocktail Line by Alexander
Just Face Jugs
Just Prints
Just Shelia's
New Orleans, LA
North Georgia
Ocarinas by Charlie Hind
Pewter : Christmas Pewterware
Pewter Care
Pewter for Serving
Pewter: Candlesticks & Snuffers
Pewter: Coffee and Tea Sets
Pewter: Drinking Mugs and Pitchers
Pewter: Hand-Crafted Pewterware
Pewter: Paul Revere Punch Bowl Set & Cups
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Potter's Wheel...Raku and Stoneware by Charlie Bohn
Pottery: Decorative and Functional Ceramics and Pottery
Pottery: Face Jugs & Dishes by Nancy Weaver
Pottery: Wood Fired Face Jugs & Pots by Wayne Hewell
Pottery: Ash Glazed Stoneware by Hank Goodman
Pottery: Decorative yet Functional Pottery by Chris Troy
Pottery: Dinnerware and other Ceramics
Pottery: Face Jugs and other Folk Pottery by W.A. Flowers
Pottery: Face Jugs and Roosters by Brian Wilson
Pottery: Face Jugs and Stumps by Turkey Merck
Pottery: Face Jugs by Randell Morgan
Pottery: Face Jugs, Chickens & Pigs by Dwayne Crocker
Pottery: Face Jugs, Snakes & Other by Melvin Crocker
Pottery: The Radiant Pottery of June Crowe
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Prints and Originals: Folk Art by Mary Youngblood
Prints, Oils & Watercolors of South Carolina
Prints: Sea Maidens & Sea Masters, Lighthouses by Robert Kline
Prints: Afro-American Art by Doris Schrock
Prints: Copper Plate Etchings by John Akers
Prints: Fine Artist Prints by Local New Orleans Artists
Prints: Fine Artist Prints of Asheville
Prints: Fine Artist Prints of Charleston
Prints: Fine Artist Prints of Charleston II
Prints: Fine Artist Prints of Florida
Prints: Fine Artist Prints of New Orleans
Prints: Fine Artist Prints of Savannah
Prints: Fine Artist Prints of St. Augustine
Prints: Florida Landmarks by Wayne Timm
Prints: Intaglio Artist Prints by Phillip Sage
Prints: Native Birds by Art LaMay
Prints: Panoramic Townscapes by Leonard Weber
Prints: Plantation Prints by Marie Breaux
Prints: Savannah Prints & Calligraphy by Dee Jackson
Prints: Savannah Prints by Essie DeLoach
Prints: Savannah Prints by Maxine Helmey
Prints: The Nouveaux Art of Katherine E. Parker
Prints: Watercolors by Gerald Bienvenu
Quilling: Paper Art by Janice Miller
Quilts: Beverly's Quilts
Quilts: Handmade American Quilts of North Georgia
Quilts: Heritage Quilts by Eula Mae Lavender
Sandals for Every Walk of Life
Savannah, GA
Sewer Covers by Bob Horan
Signs of the Time
Silk: Painting on Silk by Kathy Schorr
South Carolina
St. Augustine, FL
Tallulah Falls Crafts.
Tatting: Shuttle Tatting by Sharyn Wittmann
The Art of Bruce Bates - Charcoals and oils
The Folkart of James & Henry Stone
The Preview Page
Tile Art by Jennifer Roche
Tole Painting & Country Crafts of the North Georgia Mountains
Victorian Style Fancy Lace Clothing by Isabela
Watches: Antique and Estate Watches
Website Design
Wood: Hand Carved Birds & Decoys by Glenn T. Frazier
Wood: Hand Crafted Bowls, Boxes, Carvings, and Decoys
Wood: Hand Crafted Wooden Toys
Wood: The Fine Carved Decoys of Rocky Floyd
Wood: Turned Wood Objects by Fred Pratt
Wood: Woodturned Bowls & Vases by Howard Miller
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