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padFine Arts & Crafts of Savannah, GA

A gallery of fine arts and crafts by artisans living and working in Savannah, Georgia. Includes pottery and ceramics, fine artist prints, Shelia's bookshelf homes and lighthouses, Haitian art, quilts and pillows.

Beautiful Savannah!! Remember those wonderful Southern Ladies at the Visitor's Center? They were so helpful and friendly.

As you walked along River Street or browsed the shops on Factors Walk did you see those great quilts by Betty Kaiser, or those wonderful prints by Essie DeLoach? Don't you wish you had brought them home with you? Well now you can. Just feast your eyes on the beautiful arts and crafts we've collected for you.

For more about Savannah please click on "City Maps and Links".

Please click on the pictures below for a selection of the artisans' work.

Prints: Fine Artist Prints of SavannahpadFine Artist Prints of Savannah by Essie DeLoach, Maxine Helmey and Dee Jackson.

Click here for Savannah Prints by Essie DeLoach.

Click here for Savannah Prints & Calligraphy by Dee Jackson.

Click here for Savannah Prints by Maxine Helmey.
Collectibles: Shelias Bookshelf Homes of Savannah and LighthousesCollectibles: Shelia's Bookshelf Homes of Savannah and LighthousespadHistoric sites of Savannah have been crafted to fit on your shelf.

Click on the picture for a selection of Bookshelf Homes of Savannah and Lighthouses by Shelia.

INDEX Click here for a listing of all the great Arts and Crafts available on this site.

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