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The designer of visitsoutherncomfort.com is pleased to offer website design for artists, crafters and small businesses. Through an evolutionary process Phil Busch has grown from designing his own website to designing web sites for artists on his website to designing websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Using Microsoft Frontpage, Adobe Photoshop and some HTML coding Phil can offer very cost effective website design. Charging $50.00 an hour and using a stopwatch for every break in his work, Phil can design a 3 to 5 page website for as little as $150.00. These websites can be as simple as pictures and words with a phone number and email address to a complex website with security, on-line forms and a free shopping cart.

Starting with no internet experience Phil developed visitsoutherncomfort.com through 5 years of trial and error. With economy and efficiency foremost in his webmastering he is able to design the best website at the lowest cost of development and operation.

Phil has designed websites for artists, jewelry manufacturers, air conditioning companies, aircraft maintenance companies and insurance companies. References are available.

Feel free to call 386-439-4741 to discuss your needs for an internet presence. You can email Phil at webdesign@visitsoutherncomfort.com

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Phone: 1-386-439-4741 questions and suggestions

Phone: 1-888-897-4741 Toll Free for orders

email: info@visitsoutherncomfort.com