Bonus Bitcoin – Every fifteen minutes

Bonus Bitcoin* is the third website where you will receive Bitcoins. First create an account by entering your email address and a strong password, then confirm your email. Then, after you have solved the spam protection and clicked on the button “Claim now! Your Bitcoins.

Every fifteen minutes you get Bitcoins. You can get up to 5000 Satoshis, i.e. 0.00005 BTC per claim. Also with Bitcoin Bonus your Bitcoins will be transferred to Coinpot immediately. Bonus Bitcoin can be excellently combined with Bitfun.

Mellow Ads – Once a day according to the Bitcoin revolution

Mellow Ads* is another website for free Bitcoins. However, this is only worthwhile for advertising the Bitcoin revolution, why, you’ll find out later. You get 500, 1.000 or 5.000 Satoshi credited per day. All you have to do is create an account for the Mellow Ads Bitcoin revolution Faucet.

You create the account by clicking on Register and then entering an email address and a strong password. Solve the spam protection and confirm the email to open your account. You will then receive the above amounts once a day. Just click on “Claim now” in the faucet, uncheck the spam protection of Google reCaptcha and click on “Claim”.

To get Bitcoins at Mellow Ads, you need to turn off your ad blocker. Only picture ads are displayed and no pop-up ads, which is very pleasant unlike some other websites. Unfortunately the minimum payout on Mellow Ads is very high. You must have collected at least 0.001 Bitcoins before you can pay out your Bitcoin.

In addition, you can only use the Bitcoins for advertising purposes. You will receive a “Network Advertising Credit” which cannot be paid out. But you could use your credit to promote your own website or even to promote your affiliate links of other Bitcoin faucets like freebitoin or bonusbitcoin and thereby increase your free Bitcoins.

Information for the start

All websites that offer Bitcoins for free run approximately the same way. You have to open an account and then you will receive small amounts of Bitcoins within a fixed period of time. The time periods and the Bitcoin amounts differ among the providers. The payout methods can also be different.

For some it may not pay off to receive only cent amounts each time. If that applies to you, you should buy Bitcoins instead of earning Bitcoins. However, if you are disciplined about collecting in the long run, you can earn larger sums.

To receive Bitcoins you need a Bitcoin Wallet. A Bitcoin Hardware Wallet is very secure, but it costs at least 80€. If you don’t want to spend money, you can install a Bitcoin Desktop Wallet (in a secure environment) or create a secure Bitcoin Paperwallet.

Free Bitcoins and the tax
Not conclusively clarified is the tax treatment of income from Bitcoin Faucets, but you should also have that in mind. The predominant opinion is that this is a gift, which is why you have to pay attention to the gift tax.

To what extent this applies cannot I answer you unfortunately. Cointracking* is an excellent way to get an overview of the free Bitcoins. You could give this overview to your tax advisor to be on the safe side.

Nebulas Coin – “The search engine” of blockchains?

Nebulas Coin is supposed to become the search engine of blockchains. But not just any search engine as we already know it from Google, Yahoo etc.. Instead, Nebulas searches specifically for blockchains and their contents. In addition, the blockchain also has expandable Smart Contracts. But what exactly this crypto currency is all about can be seen in the forecast.

Nebulas Coin and the Ethereum code

Everipedia writes : Nebulas is an incentive-based, self-developing Ethereum code blockchain system with “a decentralized platform that provides a search framework for all blockchains”. The Singapore-based Nebulas IO Foundation developed a search engine and an emerging smart contract capability in 2017 – things that are currently not possible on Ethereum code.

The Nebulas Coin, or NAS for short, is a token that hasn’t had much functionality yet. The actual platform is the focus of development. The Nebulas token functions as a storage unit that can be sent via the platform. The token is also used as an incentive for developers and accountants. The coin will also be used for decentralized applications (DApps for short). Smart Contracts will be upgraded and modified with them.

The main function of the Nebulas platform is the search engine. However, the search engine should not simply be used to search for any terms. The search engine searches the blockchains for smart contracts, DApps, user assets and other information contained in the blockchains. Nebulas is supposed to help you find out which decentralized applications actually exist and what information is available about them.

This is not the only function of this platform, Nebul/as Rank should be able to measure the universal value of the blockchains. This should make it possible, for example, to compare the DApps found by the search function with each other. The value is measured by the liquidity, frequency of use of the DApps and the interactivity between the users. Nebul/as Force should help the developers to make changes to the blockchain and decentralized apps without having to perform a hard fork (a separation of the blockchain from the mainchain). This could save some developers headaches and makes the platform much more flexible.

Nebulas Coin on

Proof of Devotion and Developer Incentive Protocoll reward developers and users for their activity with NAS Coins here english. Proof of Devotion turns active members into bookkeepers. They can earn a share of the fees and also receive rewards from mining. For this they have to deposit their coins as a deposit. And finally there is the Lightning Network. With the help of this network, you can send coins from the Nebu las Wallet within a very short time. In total, there should be 100 million NAS coins. From 2019, 3 percent of the available amount is to be newly created each year until 100 million NAS have been reached.

The development is driven by the greats of the Chinese cryptoscene. The founder is Hitters Xu, who is also behind NEO, a crypto currency formerly known as AntShares. He also founded BitsClub, the first blockchain community in China, and ICO 365, a popular platform for initial coin offerings. He also worked for Alibaba, supporting the company with the Ant Financial’s Blockchain Platform, and joined Google’s Search & Anti-Fraud team.

Robin Zhong is one of the co-founders and also worked on the Ant Financial’s Blockchain Platform. He is also the founder of the first blockchain platform in China, Tongxinclub. Aero Wang also participated in AntShares. He is an influential entrepreneur in the field of crypto currencies. Chief developer Duran Liu previously programmed at Google, FreeWheel and IBM.

PIVX Coin advantages and disadvantages

Buying PIVX coin could be worthwhile if more and more people are interested in storing the coin in the wallet in order to achieve a passive income. The crypto currency is well suited for this, because unlike other crypto currencies, new blocks are not created by the proof-of-work process, which consumes an enormous amount of electricity and requires powerful computers. The number of coins required for this is quite high, so the coin could be in high demand on the stock markets. Therefore one should perhaps keep an eye on the price in order to buy cheaply.

Many people who are interested in crypto currencies do so because of the anonymous transactions. The crypto currency offers some advantageous technologies here. However, it is not the only coin that wants to draw attention to itself with high anonymity. Verge, Monero, to name just a few, are strong competitors. The P/IVX coin has been tradable since 2015, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the price changed. It remains to be seen whether the PIVX Coin can prevail against the competition.

PIVX Coin Price – Development – Forecast for the Bitcoin trader

During 2016 it was quiet around the PI VX coin price according to the Bitcoin trader. The coin was quoted at less than 1 cent per coin all year round by this Is The Bitcoin Trader a Scam? Beware, Read our Review First!. Positive changes did not occur until 2017, more precisely in March. The price gradually rose to up to 80 cents per coin. In April, the coin was quoted at up to 1.60 euros. In May, the price fell briefly and reached comparable values at the end of the month.

From then on it only seemed to go up and some traders certainly dared to make a promising forecast. In July it was up to 2 Euro per coin, for a short time the price fell to 1 Euro and then held between 1 and 2 Euro. In August, the coin broke through almost 3 euros, which was achieved in September. In October and November, the price usually remained between 2 and 3 euros.

The next rise of the coin forecast took place in December. Before the Christmas time it should still be 6 Euro, which led to a steep rise of the price. After Christmas, the crypto currency finally cost 10 euros per coin. In January 2018 the price was quoted at 11 Euro and then lost value in the course of the month. The general crypto hype eased, but the coin was still trading between 4 and 5 Euros, which represents an enormous gain in value compared to the previous year of the same month.

Where can I buy the PIVX Coin for a Bitcoin profit?

What about the coin forecast about a scam? The crypto currency will probably not be traded as emotionally for a while as it was at the turn of the year. In 2018 it is just as well possible that the Bitcoin profit exchange rate will lose value again, but could also increase again. So far, the price has followed the general developments on the stock market.

Create PIVX Wallet
On the website of the developers there are several PIVX Wallets to download and install. Installers for the different Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems are available. The installation should be done without complications, only the synchronization with the blockchain could take a while. There are also wallets for mobile devices, which should be easy to install.

The PIVX coin can be purchased on the Bittrex, Binance, Cryptopia, Livecoin, Yobit, Coin Exchange and Crypto Bridge file-sharing exchanges. In most cases it is only possible to exchange the crypto currency for Bitcoin or Ether.

Conclusion PIVX Coin
The PIVX crypto currency does not need to hide behind the other coins, which also want to offer an increased degree of anonymity and security. Some of the concepts and technologies might even turn out to be better. The PIVX is definitely worth a look.

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MonaCoin advantages and disadvantages

The great popularity in Japan can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Despite the relatively old age – the Mona Coin crypto currency can already be traded since 2014 – there are not many exchanges where you can buy MONA Coin and the coin is still quite cheap. It was quiet around the course most of the time. Nevertheless, Japan is a market that should not be underestimated and is also growing steadily. Japan is more willing than most nations to make crypto currencies part of everyday life.

One could argue that the coin is still undervalued, simply because it is not really known here in the West. The coin, on the other hand, offers fast transactions and good returns for Miner.

Bitcoin Code Course – Development – Forecast

MonaCoin started with a value of 6 cents on the stock exchanges. That was March 2014. After that, the price dropped to about three cents. In July the price rose to 50 cents, in August 2014 it fell to 20 cents. After all, it was only around 10 cents in September, 4 to 5 cents in October and 2 to 3 cents at the end of the year. But think is the Bitcoin Code legit and in 2015, the Mona Coin price was only slightly volatile. In January and February it ranged between 3 and 6 cents and in March, April and May the price fluctuated around 13 cents. The situation was similar in June and July. In August the value of the coin remained above 10 cents, in September 2015 it sank below. For the rest of the month it was usually around 6 cents per coin.
2016 was a similar year, but the share price was rather lower. At first, Bitcoin Code and the price was quoted at 5 or 6 cents. From the summer onwards, the price fell continuously until it was only 2 cents at the end of the year.

Bitcoin Code CourseAt the beginning of 2017 there was a slight upward trend, in March the coin was 4 cents, in May over 20 cents. In June and July, the MonaCoin share price reached 70 cents in places. Here the price jumped and fell several times. Until September, the price then remained relatively stable between about 40 and 50 cents. For the time being, the record for the crypto currency in October should be over 4 euros. The coin then fell to at least 2.50 euros in November. The coin entered December with 6 euros. The share price developed particularly well this month, reaching a high of EUR 16. In January the coin lost again, but the price seems to remain above the values of the previous year.
Although the Mona Coin has been on the market for some time, it is not easy to predict. It is clear that the Bitcoin Code price has developed well over time and was higher in 2017 than in previous years. It could well be that 2018 will also exceed the previous year.

Create an App like Bitcoin Profit

The MonaCoin Wallet can be downloaded and installed in different versions from the official website. During installation, the MONA Wallet should automatically connect to the server, then it is best to select the default Wallet and have a new seed created. The seed should be well secured, because it is the key to the wallet in an emergency. After selecting the password, the wallet should generate the address.

Where can I buy the MonaCoin?
Bittrex and Livecoin are among the best-known stock exchanges where you can buy MonaCoin. There are also Zaif, CryptoBridge, Bleutrade and Trade Satoshi. Only on Zaif, Mona Coin is possible to buy with Fiat money, in this case yen.

Conclusion MonaCoin
The crypto currency has a strong and growing base in Japan. It is interesting because the crypto currencies are particularly popular here.

MonaCoin – What is this crypto currency?

MonaCoin, also called MONA for short, is the most widespread crypto currency in Japan. It is not a national crypto currency, but it is still incredibly popular in a country that is far more open to crypto currencies than many Western nations. The MonaCoin Coin is a simple and fast digital means of payment.

The crypto currency once emerged from a litecoin fork. A fork is the splitting off of a side blockchain from a main blockchain. Thus the side chain retains numerous functions of the main chain, but can also be easily changed. Litecoin was once developed to offer even faster transactions than Bitcoin. The MonaCoin Coin is even faster: The block time is 1.5 minutes.


In its function, however, it can best be compared to the DogeCoin: the coin can be used in social media to send someone a small donation, for example if they have published an article that people like. MONA can also be sent for online games. The story of MonaCoin development is also similar to that of DogeCoin, because both started as a harmless joke. Just like the coin with the Internetmeme, the MONA Coin became a serious and widely used digital means of payment. Coins are accepted in many Japanese online stores, but also increasingly more in standard shops in the island state.

Transactions with the crypto currency can be carried out either privately or publicly. As a hash algorithm for encrypting transactions, the MonaCoin crypto currency uses the highly developed Scrypt. The coin can also be mines. It uses the proof-of-work algorithm to verify transactions and add new blocks to the block chain. Since the block time is only 1.5 minutes, new blocks are generated very quickly. As a reward, 25 MONA coins are distributed to the miners. In mining, the miners make the computing power of their computers available so that they can perform the complicated and energy-consuming algorithms for validating the transactions.

MonaCoin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The development began on the 2channel website, which could also be described as a Japanese Reddit. It is one of the most popular websites in the country. The developer was on the forum under the pseudonym Mr. Watanabe. You can’t find out more about him or the team that might be behind the crypto currency. After your posts during the release, the coin should be considered as a game where you try to find the hash. The crypto currency was not preminded or largely advertised with an initial coin offering. It seemed that she was more of a joke to Mr Watanabe.

This did not stop the Japanese from making active use of the coin. Although MonaCoin should never really become the “Japanese crypto currency”, Bitcoin and other crypto currencies from the West had a rather difficult situation due to the language barrier. The “Galapagos effect” had the island state firmly in its hands. Even if many Japanese were interested in crypto currencies, the mostly English-language websites posed an obstacle. After all, it was Keiichi Hida who made the MONA Coin so popular. Hida himself is a crypto-fanatic and lobbyist at Rising Bitcoin Japan, based in Tokyo. For him it was important that people have something to refer to. Together with friends, he founded the MonaCoin Foundation, a foundation that promoted the spread of the crypto currency.

Hida told CoinDesk that it is important to have something people can relate to:

“Some early users of crypto currencies recognized it early on. But almost all Monacoin information is on Japanese websites and in Japanese. So Monacoin was more accepted by other Japanese.”